Questions & Answers

Shilo Ranch, welcome hunters, meals provided, lodge included, family member, handicap acessible

Are meals provided?

Meals are provided as part of your hunting experience here at Shilo, no extra charge.

Is lodging included?

On-site lodging is provided at no additional charge.

Can I bring a family member? Is there a charge?

Yes, we welcome family members, they can go hunting with you, no charge.

Health & Disability - Are your facilities handicap accessible?

Our lodge and blinds are setup for persons with disabilities.  Let us know your needs and we'll strive to meet them.

Can you get other animals than what is listed?

We will do all we can to find the animal you would like to hunt.  Just let us know, if we can get it, we will notify you and set a time so you can come and hunt.

I don’t hunt, can I still book the lodge?

Sure, the lodge is a comfortable retreat even if you don't hunt.

UTV transportation, no licenses, food allergies, 585 acres, exotic ranch, whitetail ranch,

What if I don’t see the animal I would like to shoot?

We don’t force you to shoot anything that is not up to your standard or what you came to Shilo for.  

How Many Acres is Shilo Ranch?

We have 585 acres of hunting terrain.  1 property for whitetails - 450 acres. 

 2 property for exotic animals - 135 acres. 

Do you have side-by-side UTV for transportation?

Yes, transportation to and from your hunting area is not an issue.  

Are hunting licenses required?

No license is required.

What if I have Food Allergies?

Tell us about your allergies or sensitivities and we’ll prepare world-class food that meets your needs.